Last day of my Navaratri celebrations and it is Vijayadasami. I go to bed as a happy person.

It was 10 days of continous visits by guests. Many years ago I used to be tense when I wanted to have people in my house. I was nervous how my son would behave and more about what would happen to the food I make.

I would say I have come a long way. I have started accepting my son’s behavior around guests and I am fine if he eats the food. I have no expectations with regard to his etiquette. Isn’t that his disability? I had 65 return gift bags prepared and I found only 3 or 4 left. So you can see the foot traffic that happened in my house the past ten days. I am really grateful to all the guests who visited and appreciated my efforts and encouraged me for next year.

My Navarathri Golu was recognized by a local organization in Pittsburgh, https://www.leaf2gollc.com/. I won first prize for showcasing my sustainability practices in my doll exhibit. I am truly grateful for the organizer of the event and my 100 dollar earth friendly gift basket from them has some special use. By the way it was truly a surprise for me. I am so happy all my son’s hard work has been recognized. (This means more work for him coming up soon, since he has to do a bigger and better job.)

I am truly grateful to the facilitator of my son’s program for making the return gifts. She has already started planning the next year ones😀.

Tomorrow is Halloween Dance for my son and I have to shift gears and dress up my son or maybe not! But definitely would be there for pizza and soda after a week of Indian snack sundal 😀.

Thank you all for following my blog during this festive week!

10 responses to “Positivity”

  1. I’ve enjoyed them 💖

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  2. Loved the post, ma’am : ) It was delightful and almost felt like I was present throughout your Navaratri celebrations too!

    As for Navaratri, I’ll miss eating the variety of sundals, the return gifts that we get when we visit Golus and the bommais too! Until next year 🙂

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  3. Thank you for inviting me to see your dolls. I love it, your whole prayer room is filled with beautiful color and light. All the little figurines are so intricately place, each space is a little story and you told me what each one was about. Thank you too for my return gift, the pretty sun catcher, the apple and cashews and raisins❣️❣️

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  4. Sounds like it was a success!

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    1. Yes it was! Thank you!

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  5. Very happy and proud of you Uma!

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