Hectic week

Today I was texting a friend saying that I couldn’t make it to her house this year for Navarathri. I told her we needed two weekends to finish rounding up everyone. She said, we need the entire winter to be Navaratri so that we are not depressed.

I have already written a lot about rituals and celebrations. Any ritual that makes you happy and energized is good for you. That was the purpose of rituals started by our ancestors. But in between people confused themselves and made these rituals complicated , the purpose of it got lost.

I have submitted my display for a competition and I am awe stuck by so many other displays being posted. The creativity, the enthusiasm all are at it’s highest.

If people have a small scale display of dolls, I have seen feasts being cooked and a full buffet spread kept for lunch or dinner.

The color theme that had been slowly creeping has definitely taken over this year. I see so many pictures being posted on social media with people in matching color sarees. What a beautiful sight. It seems to be universal across and there was no confusion this year. The only color that I saw people had difficulty was grey. I saw an youtuber getting prepared with her sarees. I really was unsure why she was getting prepared and I now agree, it is really hard to decide on a saree that particular day. Even if you have 50 of them not one is going to suit you that day😀.

Cleaning your house, decorating it, cooking tasty delicacies, dressing up, meeting friends and family all happening in a period of ten days is definitely hectic but the rush is good for our body and brain. Finding out what makes you happy in these rituals is the prescription for your mental happiness.

Meanwhile my special one did an amazing job at the temple on his keyboard last week. We didn’t know it was live-streamed until a friend sent the link. It was 5 minutes long and there weren’t many mistakes. We embark on a new journey from Wednesday. I have a lot of things planned for him. Being positive and keeping fingers crossed 🤞🙂.

4 responses to “Hectic week”

  1. Eventful week. 😊 Have a good new one.

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  2. Looks like a great week..

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    1. Thank you 😊 🙏.


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