When the waves stop

I will take bath in the ocean when the waves stop. This is a common saying in my language when we do not do something or keep postponing or not attend to a current matter in hand.

In our brains we are perfectionists. We need a perfect situation to execute something and that needs to be perfect but that never happens.

My special one can play the keyboard but to my voice prompt. Many many moons back I had made him play at our Temple during Navarathri festival. Then perfectionist attitude in me set in. Even though the priest said I could bring him and make him play anytime on a weekday I became hesitant. I wanted him to be perfect before his performance. Years have rolled , he is still dependent on my voice prompt. He also has not learnt many new songs so I was hesitant though we did practice ,cooking took priority over music.

But this year when I saw the invitation for the program I filled up the google form and submitted his name. Ha Ha, what made me do it? I have no idea 🤷‍♀️!!!

Yes, the waves are not going to stop for a perfect time but we have started practicing twice a day. We have come up with 4 small songs and if he can execute it all anyway I am fine. If he has trouble that day, Nah I am not going to be negative or pessimistic I believe in the power of Lord Venkateswara of Pittsburgh temple. It is going to be great.

So stay tuned September 26th first day of Navarathri my boy will be performing during Sayanotsavam. If I say I am excited I would be lying. I am nervous since the simple task of transporting his keyboard to the temple can bring a meltdown . But we have started talking about it and so as I said the rest is upto the Lord.🙏

4 responses to “When the waves stop”

  1. Just go with the flow of the waves 😊.

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  2. I like that saying. What language is it originally in? I suspect I’ll be closely acquainted with that saying because I’m a serial procrastinator, lol. But great on you for getting the ball rolling! Looking forward to your performance!

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    1. Ha Ha Procrastination has no language barrier. Anyway it is Tamil.

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