Just an observation

Today I wanted to take my son to the pool. We usually go in the morning before lunch but things did not work out properly and I had to leave after lunch. In fact I thought my son would not want to go and I decided to take a nap, when he decided it was time to go out. So with a sleepy and tired attitude I drove to the pool.

The indoor pool was closed and the outdoor was open. It was a warm day but my mood was not in it to enjoy. My son decided he wanted a snack from the vending machine. I had to play Russian roulette with all my credit cards before one of them was accepted and he ended up with a chip packet. So as he sat in a bench and had his snack, I started observing people. That really helped me come from my nappy mood to observation mood. Our school district is open but the pool was crowded. I was curious. I noticed most of them were little kids or preschoolers who were enjoying their time in the water.

Tiny little ones with floating accessories, not so little ones trying to stay afloat on their own and Mommies, Daddies and grandparents trying to manage these little ones. Soon my son got settled in the water and I took a chair and I could let go of my son as he played alone in the water as I had my me time of watching people. There was one old couple, the wife so loving to her husband. A casual talk said, her husband had dementia and that they were married for fifty three years. She walked her husband to the water as they wet their foot. A young Dad played with his toddler which made the tiny one laugh so much and her Mom even more and there was even a young pregnant Mom who was enjoying the sun. Soon my son came out of the water and it was time to go home. As we got into the car, my car thermometer read 90 degrees. I remembered a blog that I wrote about a cold week in February. How fast time flies. We are ending summer soon.

I am glad that I was able to get an hour outside . We live in our own world and our own problems. An hour outside just watching people was a prescription for me.

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  1. Oh yeah, staying in can be so bad on the mental health sometimes. I feel especially great when I get some sun. Leaves me refreshed.

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