I love my religious rituals. I keep blogging about all the Hindu festivals I do but this Friday I performed Varalakshmi Pooja. A prayer invoking Goddess Lakshmi who gives wealth and prosperity. The prayer time is short but the rituals that involve start the previous day and end the next day. So I am busy starting Thursday until Saturday 😊.

As a kid my house did not have this pooja. But my neighbors did. I used to love watching the festivities unfold and the decorations that go along with it . I was even sad we didn’t have it but I would happily participate in our neighbors pooja. I was over joyed when I was told my husband’s family had this and I was looking forward when I will start this festival.

I started this pooja just the same time I knew my son was autistic. No one compelled me to start this yearly ritual. I took it on my own. I think I had no clue about the extent of work that goes with both things 😀😀.

Autistic people have so many rituals and so does this pooja. I have tried to keep as many rituals as possible but have changed some to customize to my autistic household 😊.

My son has his routines and rituals which make him comfortable. Likewise these religious rituals make me happy. My husband calls that my adrenal release😊. Many people complain about the rituals involved in a religious practice. I would say if you are happy do them if not no need! This works for me.

Flower and food offerings.
Lot of prep work no easy task!

2 responses to “Rituals”

  1. I do enjoy your writings. It dawned on me that perhaps you can help me with what is now a 15+ year mystery to me?

    I think it will be easier to just send the link to a post I wrote over 10 years ago.

    If you have the time, and an idea, I would love to know.


    Thanks so much, DAP

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    1. Wow I just read your blog. Every Hindu God is carved in stone and prayers energize the idol. Since you say the person is from Bombay I would guess to be Lord Ganesha the elephant God. Hope this solves your mystery.🙏


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