Acceptance and Adaptability

Today I saw a couple of people wearing masks and glasses comfortably. When we all were asked to wear masks, some did it on their own, some were forced and some did not care about it. My brother called me one day and said, it is hard to wear masks and glasses since, the breath fogs up the glasses and it is irritating. ( I just have reading glasses so I did not have a chance to personally experience them in the beginning of pandemic). But soon people found ways to wear masks and glasses and I think that is called acceptance and adaptability.

My special boy has rigid rituals, we sometimes yield to his rituals, but sometimes we put our foot down on those not good rigid ones and he accepts and he too adapts to the new situation.

Life keeps throwing on us so many situations that we need to accept and adapt. Even without our knowledge we keep finding solutions to those hard situations. My Facebook watch feed kept showing videos of the World’s shortest woman Jyoti Amge. I think she is a person who has accepted and adapted herself. I salute her.

Today my blog is just random thoughts about something I saw today. I did not write much last month but I wanted to start August by penning down something that is positive. I am happy I was able to do that before going to bed today.

4 responses to “Acceptance and Adaptability”

  1. Our life becomes easy when we start accepting and adapting according to the situations, and also when we start accepting ourselves on our own standards.

    Ma’am, I’ve also tried to express few good things to do regarding ourselves. I hope you enjoy reading them.

    11 morning praxis one shouldn’t miss

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    1. Thank you. Will follow you too🙏.

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  2. Hi Uma, I have to wear glasses and masks too. I found a couple softer cotton masks that don’t fog up my glasses too much. I too, do not like changes but after a while, if I accept the change it becomes easier!!

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    1. Nice that you got a good mask 😷.


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