Some Kitchen Work

If you don’t engage my special one, he can be a nuisance. That is how we started cooking. Our main course is sambhar and the curry powder I use is completely homemade. The past few years I make my son participate in dry roasting the ingredients and making into a powder. Usually this quantity lasts a month.

Today we decided to make Vaangi bath. It is a Karnataka spiced rice but I make with frozen vegetables and add green peppers. The spice powder is similar to sambhar powder but there are a couple of differences so we took another small pan and decided to dry roast the same and make fresh powder for today’s lunch. So we made two different spice powders in one sitting. We then proceeded to make our lunch which was just one pot cooking which eased his work.

Ingredients for Sambhar powder: Coriander seeds, red chilly, channa dal, tuvar dal , fenugreek seeds and black pepper

Ingredients for Vaangi bath powder: Coriander seeds, red chilly, channa dhal, urad dhal, cinnamon stick, cloves and dry coconut.

We had fresh cucumber from the garden which was peeled and shredded to make yummy raita.

Cooking is fun for my son. He still needs lot of verbal and physical prompts but he is definitely becoming fluent. Practice makes man perfect. In special needs world it is more and more practice. My son understands by action so this requires patience too.

Vaangi bath is usually called yellow rice (name given by my younger one when he was young) in our house and I make it in a way that suits my family. This is one of the dish that I hope my kids would be able to make on their own even if they start living on their own.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Dry roasting for the vaangi bath powder
Vaangi bath
Dry roasting for sambhar
Sambhar powder

4 responses to “Some Kitchen Work”

  1. Hi Uma, everything you made looks delicious although I am not familiar with any of the ingredients except green peppers and Rice🙂. I have a question, what were all those red dry looking ingredients, and what is the little machine you are using? What does it do? Thank you.

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    1. I listed all the ingredients. I should have given the link . Anyway the base is coriander seeds and dried red chillies 😊


      1. I know you listed the I gradients, but some I have never heard of before, that’s all🙂


  2. Pls post the recipe of Vangi bath


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