Touch wood

Last year my garden was attacked by a bunny . He munched anything and everything that grew. Growing plants was hard. It was depressing to start my garden this spring. But I am raising an autistic boy. So I always have hope. So we started with so many precautions. But the bunny family had multiplied and they loved watching as we did our garden.

I always ask parents of special needs kids to do something for themselves other than taking care of their loved one. I give no exception to my husband. But the bunny family created a challenge for my husband which in turn engaged my husband , that he had to find ways to build fence so that the beans are saved. The first tomato was half eaten by a critter, I didn’t see the crime in action so I can’t blame the bunny alone😀. With his sciatica back my husband built special fence for the tomatoes too. We then plucked the green ones and the first one successfully ripened today.

Critters and birds do not like cucumbers. But they are curious and they do peck and spoil. So we had to watch them. Zinnia flowers were a disaster and not a single one bloomed. But the past two days we have had three of them. A huge success.

We don’t take pictures or talk or write about something if we feel we would jinx the good that is happening. We all are superstitious. Even if one says they are not, corner of his or her heart there would be something that he or she would be keeping a secret 😀. That is how I felt about the garden this year. I really didn’t want to take pictures and jinx the growth. We just kept taking pictures of the bunny and the birds. By the way the birds are villains too, eating all my strawberry buds. But today morning I got the gut to take pictures. Our hard work needs to documented and I am putting my foot down on to that😂. Our first harvest isn’t much but something to be proud about 😀.

Now the question how did the zinnias survive is it because the bunny not like the zinnias or whether my husband’s fence played a big role or if we were just plain lucky that it grew. No one knows the answer.

The bunny has taken space on my blog already but today I am posting it again saying I won😂.

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  1. What a great post. Love your photos 😀 😀

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