Rose of Sharon

Another hibiscus variety from my garden. After two years this plant has grown well and is blooming good. It seems this is a drought resistant plant and needs little water. Starting July 15th until November 15 the Hindu calendar is full of festivals and my altar in my prayer room gets decorated by these flowers.

For Cee’s FOTD

6 responses to “Rose of Sharon”

  1. Wow, you captured that beautifully 💕.

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  2. Hi Uma, Your rose of Sharon is beautiful. I have 7 new ones between my yard and yours and a big one that is crooked, but that Rose of Sharon says she feels like a Dr.Seuss tree🤣

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    1. Yes I noticed your new plants😀. Will check that Dr. Seuss tree tomorrow!


  3. Oh what a gorgeous capture for today 😀

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