Cleaning up

The past few weeks I have been trying to clean up my house. To start the process of clearing things out I found out I needed to have a strong mind. Even a tiny bit of attachment to a piece of cloth or a mug is going to collect dust again. Two weeks back I gave around seven bags to charity. Those seven bags were from my garage alone. I may still have a few more boxes in garage that can be given away but my mind is not ready to put them away yet.

I have ended up with 5 more bags from our closets. There has not been much shopping the past two years so this was an easy process since I knew exactly what to give away. I not only cleaned up the space I also organized a few things and I really love the way my closet looks now.

I decided this was the right time to give away some of my special one’s puzzles. I have got attached to them. These are 48 piece Melissa and Doug wooden ones. Those were the ones that started our puzzle journey. It took us many moons to master them. But it did live through all the tantrums and mini wars. So the attachment towards them is big. We also have a 50 piece USA puzzle and that has a more stronger attachment since he learnt all his states and capitals from it. But I decided that too must go away to pave way for new activities. Yes, two boxes of puzzles and board games have been set aside.

Letting go of things is so hard. The same is true with letting go of our thoughts, wishes and so many other things. As I cleaned my house I kept thinking , I should start cleaning my mind and heart too. Is it going to be easy? No way! I have just put aside 10 to 15 boxes. But my three pound brain and less than a pound heart has so many things in it. Maybe one day at a time.

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  1. Hi Uma, I love reading your blog. This one especially hit home for me. I too have a very hard time giving away things from my childhood and my children’s childhood. I am not ready just yet to do it. I think I feel I’ll forget the memories associated with these things, as if my past never happened. I know that is not true. I think, like you, I need to clean out my brain and heart.

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    1. Letting go is hard.


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