Sunday on the Montour

When I did my bucket list in June, one activity I wanted to do was a 5k walk. To do a 5k somethings need to be in place and it did not happen.

But today was great. I have an app called map my walk that calculates distance, pace and time so I decided to a 5k with my special one and my husband on the Montour Trail. My younger one decided to bike on the trial. I am really proud that I do 10,000 steps a day but it is my husband who does more and silent about the act. He has a good pace too. This is a win win situation for my kid since, sometimes he has double walks one with me and one with his Dad. Doing 10,000 steps a day for the past five years a 5k walk is much easier.

A quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for their coffee and bagel, my special one had tomato pesto cheese which he calls pizza we started the walk. When I reached the onemile mark, the app told us we had finished it in less than 20 minutes and that is when my anxiety started shooting up. I was really excited since it has been a while since we did a 5k and I did not expect that pace. My mile two was less than 40 minutes and I started rushing my boy.

The trail is full of small pebbles and those get into your shoes. So my Boy had to remove and clear them as we walked. By the time we were nearing the 3 mile mark, we were closing on an hour and I think I lost it when my son’s pace slowed with him getting distracted with the stones. I tried to drag him and found that my husband had applied moisturizer all over his hands and with the sweat he was just slipping and I could not even hold him. But finally we made the 3 mile mark in less than an hour and our 3.1 miles or 5 kilometer happened near the parking lot.

I joined yoga last month and my instructor had stretched me out yesterday. I was really burnt out. I think my consistency in walking helped me do the 5km walk otherwise I would be lying in bed today just complaining about the pain from yoga. I am really happy that I am taking care of myself. Small steps go a long way. Adding yoga to my schedule is hard but I am keeping my fingers crossed. By the way if you want to know more about my online yoga class you can check it out here.

By the way my Mom and Dad are the silent heroes since I had a hot Sunday multi course lunch ready when I came home all tired otherwise it would have been a one pot cooking with frozen vegetables.

tomato pesto cheese
the finale
special mint rasam

4 responses to “Sunday on the Montour”

  1. Hi Uma, I think you walk way more than me!! Do you wear a pedometer. You are an inspiration to me, I will try to walk more. I have Ringo and my dog Ringo is 14. He gets too hot in the summer. We go but I am not as good as you to get out earlier. I will try.

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    1. I have a step counting watch. You are better in the neighborhood. I hate the hills😀.


  2. Isn’t 10,000 steps in the 8km range already? So 5km should definitely be easier than your daily habit. How awesome of you to maintain that mileage. For five years too! And nice pics!

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