Wow we did a lot of activities!

Day 30!

Final day of my challenge. It was a sweet afternoon that my special one enjoyed so much. An activity he volunteered 💯 percent 😀!

We made s’mores. Of course he loved it since it is just all sugar and chocolate. Few years back during a fall festival I tasted my first smore given out by the boy scout troop and I became an addict that I search for their station every year.

The pre planning was hard since I had to hide the ingredients from my son. I was worried my husband would be nervous since I would be loading my son with sugar but he was fine with it (maybe he thought there is no more use to fight me). So today snack was s’mores, Toasted marshmallows on graham crackers topped with Hershey chocolate 🍫!

Thank you all for joining me this month and I am really happy that I did this challenge. I am glad I did a lot of positive things with my son and I am hoping this is just a beginning and I will be able to build up on and have more fun!

All the s’mores were made by my son and he very carefully toasted the marshmallows in my stove. Hope you enjoy the virtual sweet treat.

The ingredients
Loved toasting it
was quick to blow out the fire
placed it on the cracker
Loaded with Hershey chocolate (Oh that is my Henna tattooed palm Btw)
The smore ready
Feeding Grandpa

11 responses to “S’mores”

  1. We don’t have those in Australia, I remember having to look the word up after I read it in a novel. Congratulations on making it through the month with a new activity everyday.

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    1. I am surprised that the sugary junk is not marketed world over😀. Thank you so much for following me the entire month!


  2. Hi Uma, my son was a Boy Scout and I have never eaten or made a S’more but I have toasted Marshmallows with my Dad when I was little. They do look delicious. I will have to try one. Did your Dad like them? I can’t believe June is over. I will miss your daily activities blog. You did so many fun things❣️❣️

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    1. Thanks Kim. Yes my Dad did like it. You should try too!


  3. Congrats on 30 days of different creative stuff. I would probably have been in the park everyday 😂.

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    1. Thank you! Btw July is 30 days in the park😃.

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  4. The s’mores look great! It looks like you checked lots of the activities on the list. Thank you for sharing.


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