Make a bird feeder!

Day 28 Challenge!

When I started this challenge I told my Mom everyone needs to participate. My Mom said good luck with your Dad! You cannot make him do anything. Yes approaching 80 one definitely looses interest in things but I was sure as things progressed I will catch his attention. I did when my husband said my Dad had googled about water balloons and did participate in Father’s Day activities 😀.

But today when I picked up the bird feeder for assembly and asked for his help , he said he had already tried doing that😀 and just needed a glue. It was a happy surprise for me since I had just mentioned it and it was lying just like that.

He assembled once for me and I removed it and my special one assembled again and glued it. My Mom came to help paint and decorate it.

The activity for today is done. I love birds and my neighbor has so many feeders that I enjoy but my Dad said this bird house is too small and it would not attract the tiny birds. Maybe I need to find hummingbird food and attract them. It would be therapeutic for the entire family. 😊 I am not going to rush since my plants are too tiny and already I have been invaded by critters. I will leave like that and find a good place for it when the time comes.

Thanks for joining me. Just two more days and see you all with another activity.🙏

4 responses to “Make a bird feeder!”

  1. What a great fun activity.

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    1. Yes it is. Thank you so much.


  2. Hi Uma, that is such a pretty little bird house. It will attract chickadees, wrens and house wrens. They are tiny birds and like to nest in bird houses. It is almost too late for nesting birds this year but it is pretty and can be hung in a tree for decoration and for next year for the birds to nest. Also I have a hummingbird feeder and I do have hummingbirds. They also like flowers that they can get nectar from. A lot of people have butterfly bushes that attract hummingbirds and of course butterflies. I don’t know if you gave been to Phipps Conservatory in Oakland but I think your family would love it. Besides the flowers there is a butterfly room.

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    1. Kim Thanks for the tips. I think this will stay as a decorative piece in my yard😀.We have to go to Phipps Conservatory.


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