Home away from Home

Day 27!

Today my special one attended a party with DJ and music, arts and crafts, game and of course food. It was definitely fun. We made a red white and blue craft work and he was so concentrated that he was the only one who could thread his beads to the twine kept there when everyone had discarded saying the holes were small in the beads.😀

So where was the party and who hosted it? It was hosted by my son’s program at Connecting me Home open house. Connecting me Home is a home in a residential area where the clients are allowed to participate in daily living skills. The tiny little bungalow in a residential area had all the amenities for individuals of all abilities to come and practice skills like cooking, cleaning , and even work on computer skills. So we are learning to transition into independent living without moving out from our homes!😊

The Director had put a lot of thoughts into the program and should be applauded. The upstairs has been sealed saying sensory space coming soon and hey that definitely got my attention since my boy seeks sensory all the time.

It was definitely a fun and informative evening.

Inside the home
Red white and blue

2 responses to “Home away from Home”

  1. That is really pretty Uma especially for the Fourth of July🇺🇸🧨🎆. Ani is really focused on his task of stringing beads and he does not even give up even when it is hard. That is a very good trait to have.

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