Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Pittsburgh

Day 26

Today was my husband’s birthday! Happy Birthday to a very special Dad. He didn’t want to mention that, so I have to do it!

There was no special activity planned for today since we wanted to go to the temple. I have written an exclusive blog as to how we trained our son for temple visits . You can read about it here.

Usually our visits are short but my husband wanted to stay over a bit more today and we were blessed to have been there for the whole evening services followed by my son’s favorite sweet Sarkarai Pongal (prasadam). My Mom commented that my son has come a long way from not entering these places to waiting patiently for the prasadam (offering made to God).

I think my special one being cooperative was by itself a great present for his Dad.

With so much construction taking place I couldn’t take any pictures outside and photography is not allowed inside the temple.

It was a relaxed evening, see you all tomorrow with another activity. Just four more days to go.

Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Pittsburgh

2 responses to “Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Pittsburgh”

  1. Hi Uma, I somehow missed this post, Happy Birthday Lakshmi🙂🎂🎉🎁. Your temple is beautiful especially the painted mosaic outside.

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    1. I will let him know😄


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