Heinz History Center

Day 25 of my challenge.

We had a long evening yesterday and our activity was really tiring so when I suggested that we have to go to a museum today my younger one’s reply was I have been there many times during my elementary school days and that he was not interested😀. My husband had lot of work in the morning and said he couldn’t commit onto anything ☺️.

But during lunch my younger one said, he wanted to join us. The museum closes at 5 pm and after lot of hesitation the four of us left for Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh just after 2 pm. My son with his card gets in practically free (just a dollar admission).

Heinz History center is part of Smithsonian, Washington. We went to the museum couple of years back but I think we didn’t look at many exhibits.

Even today we did just two floors, one was Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum and the other was Heinz showroom and Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

My special one loves to eat anything with ketchup so the giant ketchup bottle was a surprise for him. There is a lot to see in this museum but we will be back here again another day .

See you all tomorrow. Thanks for reading, liking and commenting on my posts.🙏

Its Steelers place Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.
Its all Ketchup
All smiles

2 responses to “Heinz History Center”

  1. This museum is fabulous! ❤

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    1. Yes So much to see and learn!

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