Fitness Trail.

Day 24!

Parks are great place to walk and if you have good trails it is a wonderful experience. South Park near our house has an amazing trail path around a pond , so our activity today was at the park. We did have a picnic with our friends two weeks back but we were there again in another part of the 2000 acre park.

The trial path has nearly twenty fitness stations giving instructions as we walk around the pond. The park also has tables with chess boards set on stone and my family enjoyed that too. My younger one took the lead at these fitness stations and made sure his brother did the exercises and he too was pushed to his limit in some stations. The park was so quiet we could hear the pond frogs croaking and even had a few deer sightings.

So a wonderful evening spent with my family. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. See you all tomorrow as I just have six more days of activities to plan and do.

4 responses to “Fitness Trail.”

  1. You’re lucky to have such a lovely Park so close to home.

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    1. Yes we are! Thank you🙏!


  2. Hi Uma, you are such a good Mom, taking your children to so many fun activities and Mahesh is so wonderful with Ani❤️ You have done so many fun activities. I wonder what new adventures you will plan in July❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you 😊🙏!


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