Day 23, Dollar store trip!

One more activity of the bucket list

I decided my next activity should be cheap. After browsing through my bucket list I headed of to the dollar store. It is not a dollar anymore. Everything is one dollar and twenty five cents now.

I was lucky I found what I wanted from my bucket list. We got a suncatcher. As I walked down the aisle badminton racket set and I decided I should introduce this sport to my boy. It is not a single person game and you need to be aware of the other person and it is a fast game.

The suncatcher has been painted and has been hung. I hope tomorrow morning we see the rainbow 🌈😀.

If I upload a video it seems to take a lot of storage but I am anyhow going to upload my son playing badminton since he not only was able to serve but was able to hit back once. This is a new game he is going to learn.

Thank you all for supporting me and see you again with a new activity.

The rainbow suncatcher
A game of badminton

2 responses to “Day 23, Dollar store trip!”

  1. Yes I go to Dollar Store..lots of stuff to buy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes some things are addictive there 😀.


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