Mr. Roger’s Statue

Day 12 of my Challenge

My bucket list showed, visit a National Monument. So when I searched, I found we had Mr. Roger’s statue right here in Pittsburgh. It may not be a National Monument but it is for someone respected by all. Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003), also known as Mister Rogers, was an American television host, author, producer, and Presbyterian minister.[1] He was the creator, showrunner, and host of the preschool television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which ran from 1968 to 2001.

I have not seen any of his shows but have heard a great deal about him so I decided to check it out with my family. Before leaving myself and my special one decided to watch one of his shows on amazon. It was really cute. My son kept saying movie please in the beginning since it was a show from the 1970s and he felt the color was not too bright. But anyway we enjoyed the show.

Along with Mr. Roger’s statue, we visited Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial, World War II Memorial and Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. The statue is next to the Allegheny River. So Sunday evening was spent walking along the river and enjoying the light breeze.

I am really happy that I took this challenge. With gas prices going up, finding things to do in my city seems to be the best option. The walk along the river is beautiful and in future we may or his aide can take him out to these places.

So see you all tomorrow with another activity and thanks for stopping by.

Mr. Roger’s statue
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Workd War II Memorial

4 responses to “Mr. Roger’s Statue”

  1. Ganga, Both Bhamini and Vaishnavee used to watch these shows when they were young.

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    1. Oh we never watched it! We just watched blues clues😀


  2. Oh Uma, you are seeing things I just take for granted. I have seen the Mr. Rogers statue but I am not sure about the other three. I need to pay more close attention to all the Pittsburgh monuments I take for granted especially since my Father was in the Army in WW11 I should see the memorial.

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    1. You should then. It is close to Mr. Roger’s statue.


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