Day 10!

Wow, one third of my challenge is over as of today. I am a bit tired. So if you are new to my blog I just wanted to let you all know I am doing one activity a day for thirty days with my special one and my family. So today was biking.

We took our bikes to a trail near our house. While my husband pumped air into my kids’ bikes, I took my special one for a walk followed by ice-cream. Then off went my boys biking. Two minutes later I got a call from my younger one saying, his brother had stopped biking, so my husband went to them and over the phone I told my special boy to continue biking. There adventure began. I kept tracking them by phone and half way my younger called me and gave me status update. Then radio silence from them, but I still continued to track them. My husband who had gone for a short walk came back asking me if it was right to send them alone, I said” yes” . But the Mom in me was nervous, there was a small tank with gold fish which I ignored to enjoy and I was pulling weeds from the ground. My phone stopped tracking their device and I was getting little upset but I put on a brave face, when my husband said “see they are coming”. They had nearly an hour of adventure. Here is a small clip. They made 4miles . I am proud of my boys today.

Biking 🚴‍♂️

11 responses to “Biking”

  1. It’s hard as a parent to give our kids space. My imagination always went into overdrive. I’m glad they had a good time.

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    1. I am glad I let them go alone😀


  2. Hi Uma, your post always leaves me with questions🙂. First, where did you go where there is a fish pond and also an ice cream shop you can walk to? Second, how are you able to track them, is there an app? Third, were you pulling weeds out of anxiety because you could no longer see where your boys are? Fourth, do you ride a bike too? Your activities are all so fun🙂

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    1. Kim I am writing every day so I am not able to write a lot. We went to Montour trail Hendersonville near Tandem connection icecream shop. I can track Mahesh all the time if his phone is on. There are multiple apps😀. My phone was running out of charge and The tracking slowed down . There is a small tank and the creek flows into it near the shop and they have fish in it😀.


    2. Kim I can ride a bike but I haven’t done in a while. But I wanted Ani and Mahesh to do alone without us .😀


  3. That is awesome!! Four miles is a lot and good for you for letting go a little!

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