Water balloon 🎈 fight

It’s Day 9!

It was the last day of school for my second kid. One of the activity he suggested when he saw the bucket list was water balloon fight. He really wanted to play with his brother 😀. I purchased 100 balloons yesterday. What a fun day it was. As the bus dropped by younger one we were ready with water filled balloons. Everyone in my family enjoyed this right from filling up the balloon to hitting each other off. I thought how would we use 100 balloons , little did I know my husband and my younger one would seriously get involved in their fight which made my special one laugh too much. It was just minutes before the entire box got emptied.😀 I had an extra balloon put aside which was targeted at my younger one who was boasting he didn’t get hit much😜.

I asked my Dad, if he recorded anything. He said just the sight of my special one laughing at his Dad and brother fighting was something that couldn’t be missed with plain eyes and not through a camera lens. Yes not much was recorded or many pictures taken but the memories will stay with us forever. Sometimes happiness happens in just a packet balloons 🎈.

I am not a critic of products but this one I would give 5 stars! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV7rlwJrHDM

This is not how we filled the balloon
This is how it was done😀
The red blue and white balloons
It was a good fight
Was it a fair one😀?

5 responses to “Water balloon 🎈 fight”

  1. Hi Uma, I heard a lot of laughing outside in your yard but if I had known I was going to see a water balloon fight, I would have come out to watch, ha ha, that sounds like a fun way to end the school year🙂😃

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  2. Ha ha i should have told u.


  3. Wow, I didn’t think water balloon was so much fun either 😀

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  4. My kids and grandkids did this a couple weeks ago and had so much fun. I sat and watched, but had a great time watching them play. 😁

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    1. That is great. I hope you didn’t get accidentally hit!


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