It is a truth I need to accept. I need my reading glasses all the time. I needed a comforter and while shopping I couldn’t read if it was queen or king size, leave alone the tiny prints the manufacturer doesn’t want me to read.

The past few years I have started watching Television more maybe for the reason I am unable to read a book. I wasn’t a voracious reader like my cousin or my niece but was able to bring in books from library and would definitely finish it off.

Optometry is a much more mature field. So we don’t google much. We go to an optometrist who does the prescribed tests and we get our glasses. It is simple. I hope one day all the medical problems become this simple. Many auto immune conditions still are in infancy with regard to research. Even with covid we did find the vaccine but we still have not found out which population got the severe auto immune reaction and lost their life while others like me it was just a flu. So my prayers continue.

2 responses to “Glasses”

  1. Hi Uma, I wear my glasses all the time or I can’t read anything unless the letters are 4 inches high🙂. I have progressive lenses that also darken in the sun so I can wear them instead of sunglasses outside. The worst part of wearing glasses is how easily they get smudged or fogged up, especially while wearing a mask!!

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  2. I have to get a progressive lens too😃


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