Cave Canem

A few weeks back a very impressionable young 4 year old came to my house. Wow what a little cutie pie he was. He dumped a box of puzzles on the floor and ordered his older brother to do it. He then moved on to a box of Legos and he achieved his goal of building a toy from the box with the help from his 8 year old brother. At 4, this kid has management skills.

Last week I too dumped a puzzle for my son, only to find that the puzzle does not have a picture to go along with it. So in my curiosity I started working on it . Ha, ha without the help from my son this was a hard task. But I decided I must do it and it took a week to finish it. I kept remembering the little kid, like whom I was delegating puzzles (dumping) to my son 😀. The puzzle was cave canem, Beware of the Dog. We got it recently at the science museum which had exhibits from Pompeii.

Warning signs of this sort have been found in ancient Roman buildings such as the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii, which contains a mosaic with the caption cave canem (pronounced [ˈkaweː ˈkanẽː]). Some suppose that these warnings may sometimes have been intended to protect not the reader but the dog, preventing visitors from stepping upon small, delicate and cute dogs of the Italian Greyhound type.[3]

I always post puzzles done by my son but today I boast about my own achievement.

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