A pot of gold!

St. Patrick’s Day was last week but my husband hit a pot of gold yesterday! It wasn’t exactly gold but potatoes from last year that survived the winter. As we cleaned up our garden space getting ready for spring we stumbled upon potatoes that we didn’t harvest.

Last year was the first year we had planted potatoes and had no idea on the harvest process. So we had missed out on these leftovers. The harvested ones were immediately made into a vegetable gravy to be served with multigrain roti for dinner.

Food from our garden is always tasty.

harvested potatoes.

8 responses to “A pot of gold!”

  1. Hi Uma, Paul and I used to plant potatoes. Paul, growing up Italian, his parents always had a vegetable garden. I was the helper. I could not maintain Paul’s garden when he passed away so when the yard guys were digging up the old garden to plant grass seed, one of the guys found a few potatoes from our old garden. Guess what, he washed it off with the hose and ate it raw. I was both happy they found some potatoes but sad because it reminded me of Paul being gone.

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    1. Kim me and my husband always talk about Paul’s garden. He used keep his garden didn’t even have weeds. . I remember the beans you gave us once.


  2. Thank you Uma, that was the year we got so many green beans. They were so good from the garden. Paul really loved to garden. He used to grow leaf lettuce too.

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    1. We have enjoyed a lot looking at your garden!


  3. Wow, that’s such a nourishing garden you have there. And is that roti? Looked like chapati to me. Either way, looks lovely. I should show you the pita bread I tried to make (burnt, lol). Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ha ha roti or chappathi all the same!


  4. Looks good, and from your garden even better!

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