Last weekend we turned our clocks forward or what is called spring ahead. Then Monday I read that senate has passed a bill to stop the clock change. Yes, it is happening from November 2023. No more daylight savings time and no changing of clocks.

When I cane to this country 25 years ago I thought this to be cool . But soon found out this is nothing more than a nuisance. I already had a kid with sleep issues. So this time change doesn’t go well even if we roll back or spring forward twice a year. He creates his own cycle and I become a zombie for an entire week.

One important aspect of a human’s life is sleep and I think the senate which unanimously approved the bill understood that! Isn’t it surprising this was an unanimous vote in the current senate😀. The politicians too agtee! Sleep 💤 is so global!

My parents who are arriving from India today, yay , will of course suffer from jet lag! But that they are willing to do it for their daughter. 😀😀

Happy Holi!

So happy to see my daffodil 🌼 bloom this morning

8 responses to “Sleep”

  1. Hi Uma,changing the clocks is hard on everyone I think. I’ll be glad when we stay on DST, except those winter morning when sunrise is not until 8.45!! My crocus are up but no daffodil,blooms yet?.

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    1. Maybe ur daffodils are late bloomers?


      1. They are in the side and front and it gets afternoon sun.

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  2. Aww enjoy the time with your parents! Yes, good riddance to the clock change!

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  3. I wish all Australian States would phase out Daylight Saving Time and let us get back to our natural rhythms.

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    1. Hope you too get the relief!


  4. O ! I had never even heard of it. More so surprised that they have pass a bill for no clock reversal. Thanks for sharing this Ganga.

    Narayan x


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