Grandfather clock

As I was talking to my Mom yesterday, I heard some background voices. My Mom informed me our old clock was repaired and that it is being installed as we spoke. This bought back memories for both myself and my Mom.

The clock was my grandfather’s and he took great pain in maintaining it. I still remember a local art teacher who repaired his watches and clocks. I still remember him, me being just in 7th or 8th grade listening to him talk about the mechanics of these clocks. My grandfather and the teacher usually were so involved with this.

When digital watches were being made popular I used to wonder why they both took pain in repairing these things. But now these pieces have become antiques and one for the history books. Everyone nowadays has a phone with a clock that can do wonders and our watches are more than time telling machine. My watch pings me with text messages and tells my heart rate. My phone clock wakes me up with different tunes and beeps for me when there is an appointment.

The clock is not doing anything for my parents but just bringing back some old memories, and yes telling time of course with it’s loud noise. My Mom’s statement “The noise is just some good positive vibration for the house”.

4 responses to “Grandfather clock”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post!

    I have a beautiful wooden chiming mantel clock that I grew up with. The continuity and comfort that the clock brings to me is indescribable. Beauty and workmanship that is handed from one generation to the next. Not the same as a digital clock.

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  2. It was not working for many years and luckily my father with some luck could find a 70 year old mechanic who repaired it 2 years back and now it is serviced by him.

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    1. Thanks appa for more information.


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