My dream

It is exactly 4 years and 4 months since I saw my parents. I had a ticket to see them in 2020 May. But pandemic hit and everything got cancelled. So what is the thing I am going to dream about? Dream and day dream the day I meet my parents. Most of my dreams are about my Mom coming to my home and helping me finish up my cooking😊 or me going out shopping with her in India. This seems to be a repetitive dream for me. Couple of days back my Mom told me she has a very tasty recipe for coconut rice. I didn’t bother to hear what that was. I really didn’t want to hear it, since I just want to taste her cooking. I am hoping it would be sooner than later the pandemic ends and things unwrap in a beautiful way that my dream comes true.

This was an easy prompt. It just took me a minute to think and a few minutes to write.

2 responses to “My dream”

  1. I think everyone dreams of doing the things they used to, but can not at this time. Hope you are able to see your parents this year.

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    1. We took lot of things for granted. But keeping fingers crossed!

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