Time Travel!

Bloganuary Challenge Day 21

Today’s prompt: If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?

The first travel is back to the year 1982. I went with my parents and my brother on a vacation. I think that is the first trip I remember very well. I didn’t have to plan anything. My parents did everything and my job was to just have fun. I would really love to go back and have that vacation again.

The second travel would be to the year 2005. I just had my second baby. We had got our first town home. My special one had regressed so much in fact had lost his potty training skills. Everyone thought it was due to so many changes happening in the family. It was few years later we found out he had an autoimmune disorder. https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/7312/pediatric-autoimmune-neuropsychiatric-disorders-associated-with-streptococcus-infections

If I could go back I would have treated that situation differently with him. I also can enjoy my second bundle of joy more . I always felt he was a bit neglected his first year of life because his big brother was handful.

The third travel , is my husband’s choice. He wants to travel to the year of his retirement and I said I would happily go with him. He has been watching documentaries about Egypt and wants to see the Pyramids. This travel looks exciting , a relaxed vacation to Egypt with my husband.😀

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  1. Was that you Uma? You were so cute, how were you there?

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