Library and books!

What book is on your next reading list?

#Bloganuary Day 18 Challenge continues…

The little library

I have no answer to the question for today’s prompt. It has been a while since I read any book. I love to read both English and Tamil books. But for the past two years I have not done much reading. Also I cannot read anything without my glasses. Picking up a book means I need to search for my glasses and I felt zooming on my iPhone to be a much easier job. I think I got addicted to these youtube videos and they are like eating fast food! Oh! I did download a book on my phone and somehow finished during one of our long drive. Amazon gave me a free book to download since I had purchased so much and had some credit. But it didn’t give me the satisfaction of reading through a real book! Definitely I am not from this generation.

You can see the small little lending library in the picture . I have picked up couple of books from there when I went for my walks but that too has not yielded anything. The books are in my car or in a handbag I carried that day. I have not even opened them.

I used to take my special one to the library and read him books. But when the pandemic came, the library was closed a few months and when it opened I think we lost the rhythm and entirely stopped going. But one of his virtual classes is doing Harry Potter Story Time, and we are listening to the fourth book. So technically I am now a Harry Potter Fan.

I think I have to read what other bloggers have written for this prompt so that I can pick up some recommendations. Feel free to drop a book name in the comment box too so I can add to that list.😊

2 responses to “Library and books!”

  1. To ease back into reading, I’d suggest fast paced book!
    Also, you can totally read online/ on your laptop so that you don’t have to zoom into your phone
    There’s this website called thriftbooks- cheap site to buy books. Or which serves as a proper online library- 2 weeks of borrowing and you can download it as pdfs
    Recommendations- Five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom
    Beach Read by Emily Henry (romance)
    The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (mystery/thriller)

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