Christmas Eve pondering

Thanksgiving week our entire family were caught up in the covid storm. We all were double vaccinated but still got it! This was expected since my second son attends school and all other after school activities.

As a Mom with an autistic kid I am not a vaccine person since for years I have been in chat rooms learning about vaccines and immune health and autism . But when this one was rolled out we decided to go for it since the risks outweigh the side effects of a vaccine and of course for the greater good of the community!

So when we successfully came out of covid a corner of my brain felt really happy that I don’t need to rush for my booster and that we have developed some kind of natural immunity. One of my friend sent me a link saying people like us would have developed super immunity.

I have no clue or in fact I don’t think anyone knows what is in store for 2022 but we as a family are a bit confident that we are protected with our natural immunity for the Christmas weekend and a drive to Niagara is in our mind!

The talk about covid in the US is violating your HIPPA rights and in India it is a taboo. But with an autistic son who can’t even express if he has shortness of breath I thought this needs to be said out aloud. As I keep saying covid is an insult to an already existing injury.

We also found out in the process my autistic son didn’t push for all his routines and that he could adjust himself in situations. When I talked to a behavior therapist she said one other familyhad said the same thing. So he did give me a hope that I can push him more in breaking his routines.. .Have to find a silver lining in any cloud!

covid testing center US/ Canada border


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