Navarathri Part 2

This blog I will be sharing my Navarathri golu. The video doesn’t have a written explanation of the work done by my special boy , so thought I would do a part 2 of Navarathri blog.

Its not too late to teach old dog new tricks. My son has good gross motor skills but his fine motor skills are not so great. So we decided to venture into painting the last few months. We painted small bowls and rocks. It became so cute I was able to make a tiny zen garden. This lead me to think why not some dolls for golu. One section of my golu is a pet tea party all painted by my boy.

The golu also has some craft work done by him at his program. He requires hand over hand for some activities but some he does on his own.

I hope you all enjoy my golu.

Happy Navarathri.

Link for my golu👆🙏🙏🙏🙏

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