Happy Birthday

My special boy turned 23 today. He celebrated his birthday with kutty Krishnan this year. I have always been complimented by so many as being brave and being a super Mom. But during this time of year it us not that easy to put on a brave face. My son has minimum verbal ability. He has severe sensory and behavior issues which are being helped by medication. He is still wait listed for a day program and I continue to be his all in all person. It is physically and mentally exhausting. So usually this time of year we pack our bags and go on a road trip. We book a woom (room)😊. Find an activity that my son can participate and come back after 3 days. We have done a 5k, gone hiking in a National Park and visited multiple amusement park and beaches. Covid 19 put me in a difficult situation. We were not traveling nor going anywhere. So we decided to go to an outlet mall yesterday and drove 50 miles. As we neared the mall I checked up on my phone only to find it closed early. Thanks to corona!! So we started driving back home. We stopped at Moes a Mexican fast food chain. We thought we would use their outdoor dining space. But to our bad luck all the tables were full. But we saw indoor dining was allowed and twenty five percent of the seating was allowed. Ani made himself comfortable in one the tables. It’s been a while since we sat inside a restaurant so I was feeling antsy. Ani didn’t care. He was elated that he was allowed inside a restaurant. He wore his mask until the food came. I don’t think the food made him happy since he had the same food ten days back as take out. It was the ambience of the restaurant and him being in that place that had a big smile which of course was covered with a mask. 😷At that point I decided I am not going to be worrying about covid 19 and decided to enjoy the moment. The trip back home I saw a quiet boy and I was happy I did something unique for him . Today I made him more happy making a ton of snacks and sweets for both my boy and my Kutty Krishna.Happy Birthday Kanna

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