A 5km walk.

I signed up for a virtual race beginning of the year. 2020 miles by the end of 2020. I also had a blog of how I had started walking with my son. As with any resolution by beginning of March I couldn’t keep up with nearly 5.5 miles of walk or 15,000 steps a day. Yes by March 13th everone’s world was getting turned over. But mine took a bit more hit. . . I had developed a corn under my foot. It was so painful even every day activities were painful.With covid 19 situation I was really scared to go to ER but the pain became so much I had to call a podiatrist office. They were working on emergency cases and gave me an appointment after 2 weeks. By end of March I learnt from the podiatrist that I had a wart under my foot!! By April 3rd week the wart/corn was surgically removed. Let me tell you the post surgery was more painful than the corn itself for me. I was so worried about my steps as the days went. I try to find silver lining in things. If not for the lockdown I would not have had the help that I needed for the post surgery days. My special one needs his routine and I think my husband being at home was huge for me. I also didn’t need to take him out for his activities and I worked on painting a lot with him at home. This was an activity that didn’t need much movement. After nearly 5 weeks I am all better and I had my first big walk yesterday morning. If things had gone right I should have been on an airplane to India but I was enjoying my first 5km walk at a Trail near my house. Man proposes God disposes. I know I cannot make 2020 miles this year but atleast want to do 5 miles a day from June 1st. Keeping fingers crossed.

Pot painted by my son

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