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A special cause!

What is a cause you are passion about and why? During the month of January I am doing a blogging challenge by writing to a prompt. The past two weeks have been a journey I thought I would never undertake being a parent of a special boy. Giving time for myself . So that isContinue reading “A special cause!”

Life lessons.

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning? #Bloganuary Day 15! My Mom keeps saying me to ” take care of your health”. I think that is one simple life lesson that needs to be reminded as we become an adult. Health can include both physical health and mental health. IContinue reading “Life lessons.”

About me


I am Ganga and I live in Pittsburgh USA with my husband and two boys.  Its been exactly 22 years I have been in this country and technically I have lived equal number of years in India and USA. 

I grew up in a very orthodox brahmin family in Chennai , india married and moved to USA when my oldest son was 4 months old.  

My oldest is severely autistic is now an young adult and my younger one is a teen. 

Growing up I was a religious person and throwing autism in the equation has turned me into a spiritual person.

After being a homemaker for many years I became a part time worker to be a habitat aide for my son so he could attend many non traditional programs. I love this work and though it wasn’t my life goal I really love doing this.

My blog wouldn’t solely be about autism though it cannot be avoided since it is part of my life, it can be anything interesting that happens that day or a thought process that goes through my mind.

My pass time now is learning a bit of music and learning a lot of Hindu scriptures and the foundation of it the Sanskrit language. I also love to binge watch on Netflix, I would call that my stress reliever. I had no interest in cooking but I have 3 men in the house which has forced me to become a decent cook.So watch out I may throw in some good recipes once a while.

Here I go……

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Turmeric Harvest

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame! Bloganuary Challenge Day 14! Happy Pongal! January 14th is Pongal, a harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India. Couple of other states also celebrate the same festival by different names. So Happy Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Bihu! https://www.news18.com/news/lifestyle/lohri-makar-sankranti-bihu-and-pongal-2022-date-history-and-significance-4642982.html We plan to celebrate the same festival inContinue reading “Turmeric Harvest”

Ideal day!

What does your ideal day look like? #Bloganuary Challenge Day 13 My special boy is a part of my life. My day’s activities revolve around him or according to his comfort level. I never wanted to write about his issues but I have to point out a few. My son’s sleep is very poor. SoContinue reading “Ideal day!”

An icebreaker!

What emoji(s) do you like to use? #Bloganuary Day 12 A straightforward prompt. I love to use emojis. All the smileys are my favorites. I also use thank you 🙏 emoji a lot. 😡🤷‍♀️ I am using with my teenager. One way. I am letting out my emotions without him getting hurt by using hardContinue reading “An icebreaker!”

Living Boldly!

What does it to mean to live boldly? Bloganuary Challenge Day 11! The dictionary meaning of bold, is (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks: confident and courageous. The opposite of bold is timid, unadventurous. The above picture shows my Aunt’s helper carrying a tiny viper snake on the stick.Continue reading “Living Boldly!”

Grateful 🙏

What are 5 things you are grateful for today? #Bloganuary Challenge Day 10! Today was a cold rainy day so I am grateful that I live in a warm house with hot water and heating. Few years back our heater broke and I remember the one night we had to spend in a cold house.Continue reading “Grateful 🙏”

All about appearances!

What do people incorrectly assume about you? Bloganuary Day 9 challenge! People incorrectly assume many things about other people, places and things. I make a sweet dish out of vermicelli, milk and sugar (semiya payasam)but I can also make another salty recipe with vermicelli , yogurt and salt(semiya bagala bath). Though they look the same,Continue reading “All about appearances!”


I am new to writing. Though I have an account for the past two years, I didn’t use it much. The reason maybe many, but I think I was really hesitant to put my thoughts into writing. But a week of continuous writing has really helped me open up myself more. When I started myContinue reading “Writing!”

My inspiration!

The person who inspires me the most. Bloganuary Day 6 Challenge! The person who inspires me the most is my spiritual Guru. Spirituality aside I want to bring forth all his characteristics that make Him my inspiration. He is a musician. My Guru has done many Healing and Meditation concerts throughout the world. It isContinue reading “My inspiration!”

Learning a new skill!

What is something you wish you knew how to do? (Day 5 Bloganuary prompt) There is a proverb in my language “What you have learnt is a mere handful: What you haven’t learnt is the size of the world. “ There are so many skills that I do not have and there are so manyContinue reading “Learning a new skill!”

Bloganuary Day 3

Prompt for today “Write about the last time you left your comfort zone?” This is becoming interesting. I would never would have attempted to do a blog on this topic. It took me some time and some arguing with my husband to come up with this piece. When we talk about comfort zones, it canContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 3”

Christmas Eve pondering

Thanksgiving week our entire family were caught up in the covid storm. We all were double vaccinated but still got it! This was expected since my second son attends school and all other after school activities. As a Mom with an autistic kid I am not a vaccine person since for years I have beenContinue reading “Christmas Eve pondering”

Blogging all January!

It is exactly two years since I started my blogging journey. I am happy for all the support from those who have read and commented on it. It takes time and patience to do that and thank you so much for spending your time. Multiple reasons made me start this journey but one thing IContinue reading “Blogging all January!”


As Christmas rolls around most of the TV channels change their mode from slaying to sleighing so fewer Criminal Minds or CSI kind of shows to Christmas movies. So one of the movie that I accidentally stumbled upon was Ponsettias for Christmas. With my lifestyle tracking and tagging my son it is really hard forContinue reading “Poinsettias”

Temple visits

Temple and religious places have now become so political during pandemic. Is it good to keep it open or closed? Many people have missed the congregation and in fact a lot have struggled to keep it open. My struggle with temples started around the time my special one started exhibiting autistic behaviors. At the timeContinue reading “Temple visits”

Miracle League Baseball

9 years ago Miracle League Baseball was initiated in our community with an amazing baseball field for special needs people. When fliers were sent out I really got excited about it and decided to enroll my son. My younger one and myself were all set to go on the field. But my son was notContinue reading “Miracle League Baseball”


I have been called a wonderful Mom, a warrior Mom and many things as I raised my special one. Maybe I became egoistic so nature decided I need to be taught a lesson. April 19th of last month my husband pointed me to a bird that was sitting on a pebble path around the baseballContinue reading “Nature”