Chandi Homam

I write this blog as we drive back from Stroudsburg. A trip specifically taken for me.

When I was in 11th Grade my grandfather asked me to make a cheat sheet during Navarathri. I was supposed to type down the shlokas from Devi MAhatmyam. That was my first exposure to this great scripture of Mother Goddess.

My friend forced enrolled me into Devi MAhatmyam online class inspite of my reluctance because it interfered with my son’s Rec Night. Pandemic came and my son’s class got canceled 😀. So maybe fate made my life easier. We started Rec night again only last month and it was a bit of a juggle as I completed learning the entire scripture.

I have no qualification to talk or write about what I learnt because the subject matter is huge but I did learn what was necessary for me at this point in my life.

The finale of the class was performing Chandi Homam which happened nearly 350 miles away from Pittsburgh.

Two paralell plans were made so I could participate and at the same time my husband could take care of my son with ease. I could have gone alone, but the Mother in me wanted my son to be there and I had to decide the time when my husband could bring him there. The network was poor so our communication got disrupted but my husband got in time with my son to get the final blessings from the priest. Of course my son had the additional reward of a delicious lunch.

I am feeling really elated and the factors are not one but many. I learnt a huge scripture, and I was able to participate in the finale with a plan that was comfortable to my kiddo too.

As I write this I request other special needs Moms/Dads to do things for themselves. I had ignored myself for a long time. As we returned back my son grabbed an extra packet of chips at subway for dinner. Hey I was well rested that I could apply behavior therapy and was able to successfully bring him out of the diner.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Start of homam
Cows being fed (Go pooja)


It is a truth I need to accept. I need my reading glasses all the time. I needed a comforter and while shopping I couldn’t read if it was queen or king size, leave alone the tiny prints the manufacturer doesn’t want me to read.

The past few years I have started watching Television more maybe for the reason I am unable to read a book. I wasn’t a voracious reader like my cousin or my niece but was able to bring in books from library and would definitely finish it off.

Optometry is a much more mature field. So we don’t google much. We go to an optometrist who does the prescribed tests and we get our glasses. It is simple. I hope one day all the medical problems become this simple. Many auto immune conditions still are in infancy with regard to research. Even with covid we did find the vaccine but we still have not found out which population got the severe auto immune reaction and lost their life while others like me it was just a flu. So my prayers continue.

Cave Canem

A few weeks back a very impressionable young 4 year old came to my house. Wow what a little cutie pie he was. He dumped a box of puzzles on the floor and ordered his older brother to do it. He then moved on to a box of Legos and he achieved his goal of building a toy from the box with the help from his 8 year old brother. At 4, this kid has management skills.

Last week I too dumped a puzzle for my son, only to find that the puzzle does not have a picture to go along with it. So in my curiosity I started working on it . Ha, ha without the help from my son this was a hard task. But I decided I must do it and it took a week to finish it. I kept remembering the little kid, like whom I was delegating puzzles (dumping) to my son 😀. The puzzle was cave canem, Beware of the Dog. We got it recently at the science museum which had exhibits from Pompeii.

Warning signs of this sort have been found in ancient Roman buildings such as the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii, which contains a mosaic with the caption cave canem (pronounced [ˈkaweː ˈkanẽː]). Some suppose that these warnings may sometimes have been intended to protect not the reader but the dog, preventing visitors from stepping upon small, delicate and cute dogs of the Italian Greyhound type.[3]

I always post puzzles done by my son but today I boast about my own achievement.


Being a Mom, creativity happens in the kitchen. From breakfast to lunch boxes to dinner food needs to be creative so that your kids eat healthy. So here are some of my creations. 😀

For Ragtag community prompt: Creativity

Finger millet poori
Green gram dosai with coconut chutney
rice paniyaram with tomato chutney
Oily Eggplant curry