Reverse engineering and theme

As I start sending out my invites for my Golu next week, people have started asking what is the theme for my Golu this year? My special one has worked on a lot of things this year and just like last year I wanted to incorporate in my exhibit. But this year I want toContinue reading “Reverse engineering and theme”

Obsessive Compulsiveness

I have started my Navarathri set up in my home. This is not easy every year since my son is obsessed with things being in the same place. He is not a neat freak. He has his own arrangement and that cannot change. Yesterday with huge effort my husband with my helped moved a table.Continue reading “Obsessive Compulsiveness”

When the waves stop

I will take bath in the ocean when the waves stop. This is a common saying in my language when we do not do something or keep postponing or not attend to a current matter in hand. In our brains we are perfectionists. We need a perfect situation to execute something and that needs toContinue reading “When the waves stop”