Women’s Hostel

Yesterday I was watching an advertisement for an Indian talk show. The moderator was talking to a Mother and her daughter. The daughter who lives in a working women’s hostel (somewhere in India) was being constantly watched by her Mom. The Mother is so annoying she does not believe her daughter reached safely to herContinue reading “Women’s Hostel”

Out in the community!

The transition into adulthood funding mainly allocates funds for disabled people to actively participate in the community. A lot of organizations offer voluntary hours for disabled to participate and public places like zoos and museums offer discounted entrance. When my son was young, even without our knowing we started taking him out into the community.Continue reading “Out in the community!”


This post is for RDP Saturday: Labyrinth Jesus Datta Retreat Center is situated in West Sunbury, Pennsylvania. It is 60 miles North of Pittsburgh and an amazing spiritual sanctuary. Among many activities it has a huge labyrinth in the prayer hall which we have used for our son. This labyrinth is a modified eight circuitContinue reading “Labyrinth”


Off late we have been crazy about walking on trails. What began as a 10,000 steps a day has transformed into 5k walks. So, where can we enjoy these 5k walks. Of course on a trail! The Montour connects to other rails-to-trails in western Pennsylvania and beyond: the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and the C&OContinue reading “Trails”


This is for ragtag community prompt of the day “balloon” We celebrated my son’s 21st birthday and his graduation with a cruise. We were on the ship on 4th of July. We used the service autism on the seas which was wonderful in various ways. After years of spending money on treatments and therapies IContinue reading “Balloons”