My Road Trip

During Bloganuary prompts in January there were two prompts. One, who was my inspiration and the other what was the road trip I would like to take. Amazing as it happens I did take a surprise road trip last week to Dallas from Pittsburgh to celebrate the person who inspired me. Long before the pandemicContinue reading “My Road Trip”

Happy 4th of July!

With so many red white and blue projects with my boy in the past six weeks forced me make some American food for my parents. A 4th of July party setting with zero planning. Being vegetarians my younger one shopped for his grandparents so that they can eat at peace without questioning about the ingredients.Continue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Make a bird feeder!

Day 28 Challenge! When I started this challenge I told my Mom everyone needs to participate. My Mom said good luck with your Dad! You cannot make him do anything. Yes approaching 80 one definitely looses interest in things but I was sure as things progressed I will catch his attention. I did when myContinue reading “Make a bird feeder!”