Make a bird feeder!

Day 28 Challenge! When I started this challenge I told my Mom everyone needs to participate. My Mom said good luck with your Dad! You cannot make him do anything. Yes approaching 80 one definitely looses interest in things but I was sure as things progressed I will catch his attention. I did when myContinue reading “Make a bird feeder!”

Day 23, Dollar store trip!

I decided my next activity should be cheap. After browsing through my bucket list I headed of to the dollar store. It is not a dollar anymore. Everything is one dollar and twenty five cents now. I was lucky I found what I wanted from my bucket list. We got a suncatcher. As I walkedContinue reading “Day 23, Dollar store trip!”

Father’s Day!

Day 19! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Fathers out there. The silent heroes. Today I decided my family to run the show. In the morning I got a new basketball, baseball set (since my son started liking and playing) and some table tennis balls. Remember those T shirts we tie dyed, that wasContinue reading “Father’s Day!”