Reverse engineering and theme

As I start sending out my invites for my Golu next week, people have started asking what is the theme for my Golu this year? My special one has worked on a lot of things this year and just like last year I wanted to incorporate in my exhibit. But this year I want toContinue reading “Reverse engineering and theme”

Obsessive Compulsiveness

I have started my Navarathri set up in my home. This is not easy every year since my son is obsessed with things being in the same place. He is not a neat freak. He has his own arrangement and that cannot change. Yesterday with huge effort my husband with my helped moved a table.Continue reading “Obsessive Compulsiveness”

When the waves stop

I will take bath in the ocean when the waves stop. This is a common saying in my language when we do not do something or keep postponing or not attend to a current matter in hand. In our brains we are perfectionists. We need a perfect situation to execute something and that needs toContinue reading “When the waves stop”

Women’s Hostel

Yesterday I was watching an advertisement for an Indian talk show. The moderator was talking to a Mother and her daughter. The daughter who lives in a working women’s hostel (somewhere in India) was being constantly watched by her Mom. The Mother is so annoying she does not believe her daughter reached safely to herContinue reading “Women’s Hostel”