It’s Superbowl Sunday!

Having lived in New England for thirteen years amd Pittsburgh for the past eleven years if I say I do not know football I will be telling a lie. When we told our car mechanic that we were moving from Boston to Pittsburgh he asked”why Pittsburgh?” , That was how the rivalry between the twoContinue reading “It’s Superbowl Sunday!”

Capricious Life is not easy. People keep comparing their life to others and start throwing a pity party. My son being capricious, it is easy to fall into that party mode. We need to move ahead with our life ignoring the moments of his behavior. Time to enjoy cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese andContinue reading “Capricious”

Christmas Eve pondering

Thanksgiving week our entire family were caught up in the covid storm. We all were double vaccinated but still got it! This was expected since my second son attends school and all other after school activities. As a Mom with an autistic kid I am not a vaccine person since for years I have beenContinue reading “Christmas Eve pondering”

A digital cookbook🤔😉🙃

I read a blog yesterday about how we shouldn’t smother our kids. I am always of that opinion, but we all tend to do it unknowingly. Teaching independence is one of the first and foremost we want with our kids. With my special needs one , it has been his goal right from the dayContinue reading “A digital cookbook🤔😉🙃”