Bloganuary Challenge Penultimate Day!

Feels like being in a blogging camp! 😀 Prompt of the day: Bloganuary Challenge Day 30 Describe yourself as a Tree 🌳 I love trees. Trees are home to so many living creatures. They expect nothing back in return and provide the living beings with everything they can offer. They do not move from placeContinue reading “Bloganuary Challenge Penultimate Day!”

A few of my favorite things about myself!

There are few things I love about myself. I am a person who gets happy and satisfied with simple pleasures. Little things give me great joy. I have saved tons of money for my husband by saying this. I love children. I shouldn’t let my younger one read this since he can take advantage ofContinue reading “A few of my favorite things about myself!”

Bloganuary Day 22

Today’s prompt: What is your favorite quote and why? आरब्धम उत्तमजानाः न परित्यजन्ति Good people do not give up what they have been. A quote from my Sanskrit book. There are many sooktis or wise quotes as a part of the curriculum but the first one even before alphabets is the one I like theContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 22”