Warding off evil!

We did these cute little witches yesterday. We used some pins to push into these tiny pumpkins. They came out really good. I also have a big pumpkin that my boy picked up from a patch which we are going to paint.

All these paintings made me remember “drishti poosinikai” back home in India. The ash gourd is painted with a scary face to ward off evil and placed in the front of the house . Rituals and practices are different but we are all human in the end. We all have same thought processes but they differ according to our environment. Here is a wonderful you tube link of how it is done in India.

I maybe replicating the same with the pumpkin that is sitting in my house. I am celebrating Halloween and also warding off evil spirits!

The process of making this painting requires so much of patience that I am sure all the negativity inside will go away. The happiness I experience with the activity would create positive vibrations. So definitely I will be warding off some evil inside me today!


My marigold and zinnias had to fight with the bunny in my garden for their survival. Every sprout was munched away. I feel with this full bloom, it looks as if they reached their finish line successfully. The plants were in an untenable position most of the summer but all of a sudden they finally got an upper hand and ” Wow” we had these beautiful blooms as fall gets settled in. 😊 Picture taken yesterday!

By the way, there are less bunnies in my garden now. I do not know what happened to them. Maybe they went hibernating early? But we have already started thinking about other ways to save our plants next summer.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

FOWC with Fandango – Untenable

RDP Sunday Finish


My entire life I have had collywobbles for one thing or another. If a problem gets solved, another pops. But a year back, I decided to go on a clean diet. I was completely of oil for couple of months and then I limited myself to five teaspoons a day. . Now, anything that makes me nervous, is not affecting my stomach anymore!!! Oil free, air fried snacks below!

My next project?

So what should I do with my kid? How am I going to engage him next? This is a hard task, but let me tell you google and amazon know my difficulty. As I just searched one craft material, the apps keep throwing me links to other similar things. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Some are worth the money and some are not. But let me tell you this is much easier than taking my boy to the dollar store undecided for a project and searching for material.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be shopping around hobby stores and craft stores. But that is what is keeping my son engaged in a positive manner so I am fine. I love my boy that I am ready to learn new things even if they did not interest me when I was a little girl. But this online thing seems to be easy. If my son needs a community outing I can browse online and see if it is available in that particular shop a and pick up the item later at the store. I am also saving money by not getting anything unnecessary and that KitKat or Reese that I have to get as a reward for my son at check out counter is also not necessary (Hey I have to pick up my battles at the check out counter)!

While I am at it, I have to say one thing has happened at the restaurants after pandemic. The serving size has gone down. Yesterday, at the mall I got a small fry for my son, the price has not increased but the serving quantity is down. I am happy. A few fries less is fine with me.

I have understood I am not a super woman. I cannot wear many caps at a time and I am letting my family know that for clear. But I am holding on to the crafting person cap for sometime since it is giving me some immediate rewards.

So what is my next project? I still do now know as I still have many options and if I do finish one with my kid I will be posting it on my blog. By the way the beans my son planted during summer has yielded good. If you have not read about it, you can read it here and here.

A Fall Day!

After two busy weeks, I went for a walk. My husband decided to walk with my son and I took my time to take stroll on the trail. The trail is a constant for my boy, so there is not much anxiety.

But for me, I noticed the leaves changing color and felt the crisp breeze. Not too cold weather and it is still a bit warm to enjoy. Another summer has passed and one thing I really wanted to do was bike on these trails which I didn’t do. Maybe I would try next summer! As my fitbit congratulated me for reaching 10,000 steps I felt satisfied. My watch is 5 years old now. It is not a decorative ornament but my cheer leader. I see it loosing battery power faster than before but I am really not interested in buying a new one with more features. I am really worried I may loose this streak so will keep this one. The mantra being old is gold🙂.

Hope you all will enjoy the colors as I did.


Last day of my Navaratri celebrations and it is Vijayadasami. I go to bed as a happy person.

It was 10 days of continous visits by guests. Many years ago I used to be tense when I wanted to have people in my house. I was nervous how my son would behave and more about what would happen to the food I make.

I would say I have come a long way. I have started accepting my son’s behavior around guests and I am fine if he eats the food. I have no expectations with regard to his etiquette. Isn’t that his disability? I had 65 return gift bags prepared and I found only 3 or 4 left. So you can see the foot traffic that happened in my house the past ten days. I am really grateful to all the guests who visited and appreciated my efforts and encouraged me for next year.

My Navarathri Golu was recognized by a local organization in Pittsburgh, https://www.leaf2gollc.com/. I won first prize for showcasing my sustainability practices in my doll exhibit. I am truly grateful for the organizer of the event and my 100 dollar earth friendly gift basket from them has some special use. By the way it was truly a surprise for me. I am so happy all my son’s hard work has been recognized. (This means more work for him coming up soon, since he has to do a bigger and better job.)

I am truly grateful to the facilitator of my son’s program for making the return gifts. She has already started planning the next year ones😀.

Tomorrow is Halloween Dance for my son and I have to shift gears and dress up my son or maybe not! But definitely would be there for pizza and soda after a week of Indian snack sundal 😀.

Thank you all for following my blog during this festive week!

Hectic week

Today I was texting a friend saying that I couldn’t make it to her house this year for Navarathri. I told her we needed two weekends to finish rounding up everyone. She said, we need the entire winter to be Navaratri so that we are not depressed.

I have already written a lot about rituals and celebrations. Any ritual that makes you happy and energized is good for you. That was the purpose of rituals started by our ancestors. But in between people confused themselves and made these rituals complicated , the purpose of it got lost.

I have submitted my display for a competition and I am awe stuck by so many other displays being posted. The creativity, the enthusiasm all are at it’s highest.

If people have a small scale display of dolls, I have seen feasts being cooked and a full buffet spread kept for lunch or dinner.

The color theme that had been slowly creeping has definitely taken over this year. I see so many pictures being posted on social media with people in matching color sarees. What a beautiful sight. It seems to be universal across and there was no confusion this year. The only color that I saw people had difficulty was grey. I saw an youtuber getting prepared with her sarees. I really was unsure why she was getting prepared and I now agree, it is really hard to decide on a saree that particular day. Even if you have 50 of them not one is going to suit you that day😀.

Cleaning your house, decorating it, cooking tasty delicacies, dressing up, meeting friends and family all happening in a period of ten days is definitely hectic but the rush is good for our body and brain. Finding out what makes you happy in these rituals is the prescription for your mental happiness.

Meanwhile my special one did an amazing job at the temple on his keyboard last week. We didn’t know it was live-streamed until a friend sent the link. It was 5 minutes long and there weren’t many mistakes. We embark on a new journey from Wednesday. I have a lot of things planned for him. Being positive and keeping fingers crossed 🤞🙂.

Red and Yellow

I have displayed an entire room full of multicolor dolls for my Navarathri Golu. But my main five step dolls are displayed on my red and yellow saree representing ShAktam or the power of Shakthi. If you do like this display picture why not click on the link below and vote for me and make my Golu the popular one 😊🙏.


For RDP Saturday: Red and Yellow.

Navaratri 2022

I am so happy that this is the third year in a row I am blogging about my Navaratri Golu.

This year as I mentioned in my previous blog, my theme is to showcase where we are from . We come from the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu rich in culture and traditions and with beautiful landscapes. The Sangam period in Tamil Literature, which quotes the period from 6th Century BCE to 3rd century CE shows the landscape divided into five sections.

Kurunji- The mountains

Mullai- The Forests

Neidhal-Land close to the seashore

Marudham- The fields

Paalai- Dessert .

It was interesting to note that there weren’t any dessert and that the Mullai and the marudham lands turned into desserts. This information was new to me.

We used the above information to create an area showing Tamil Nadu is Beautiful with four of the five landscapes. The main deity of Tamil people is Lord Muruga who resides usually in mountains but one seashore Temple in Thiruchendur is a beauty and interesting fact, Lord Muruga is the main deity there too. Thanjavur, the rice belt of Tamilnadu is also depicted. Thanjavur Temple built by Rajaraja Chola during 10th Century AD has one of the biggest Shiva Lingas has also been depicted. Elephants of Mudumalai forest/mountain region are also one part of this landscape.

The main five step features Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi the Goddess of Strength, wealth and education. The rest of my settings include stories from Ramayana and Bhagavadam. We also have lot of collectibles from the places we visited. We also have fall scenario in the US and a Christmas village.

My special one made six 300 piece puzzles throughout the year, along with painting and crafts that would become the background scenes. Two small steps exclusively were created to showcase of his dolls that he had painted and we even have some lego dolls which he made for the first time. He is 25 years old and yes he learnt a new skill. The farmers places in the field were made with wooden peg dolls. I helped my son paint them and stick eyes onto them. It was fun to glue some hair on them too. We have not become professional artists but the online classes did definitely help us☺️.

I don’t want to write anymore. Watch my youtube link and enjoy the work I did along with my special one. If you do like it, why not drop a comment below it would be motivating for the next year Golu🙂🙏.


Fruit loop trees.
A panoramic view