Spring Mums

Mother Nature still keeps cheating or teasing us with a roller coaster weather. I plan to start my gardening but I am back to square one doing nothing. The high for today is 40 degree Fahrenheit! Last week when I went shopping I couldn’t resist buying these spring mums! A treat for the eyes! Are these annuals or perennials? If maintained properly these can be perennials.

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Happy Easter 🐣

As I browsed for some prompts today, I found one to be “egg”. I didn’t need a lexicon to find the meaning unlike zoomorphic which I had written about yesterday.

I am not so comfortable around eggs, but last week my son’s program had hard boiled eggs to be dyed for Easter party! It was so much fun. He is now into painting so he loved dipping them in the dye and used stickers after they dried. Here are some pictures and Happy Easter All!


Zoomorphic means to have the form of an animal.

It is official, we have been to 30 states in this country. Last weekend to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina sealed this number. Thanks to my husband who found job in different parts of this country and my son’s treatment option in various parts made me achieve this number. But Myrtle Beach was on bucket list since it is called an autism friendly city. Though we didn’t stay there much it kept it’s promise and my son got free admission into Alligator Adventure , the reptile capital of the world.

There are many God, which we worship in zoomorphic forms. It was really interesting as my husband narrated stories from our Puranas and Ithihasas as we saw the reptiles.

A Great Saint Shuka Bramham who narrated Shrimad Bhagavatam had a parrot head. The different incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu included Fish, Tortoise, Lion and a Boar. So as we saw the Galapagos Tortoise it reminded as how the Lord, in the form of a Tortoise in Kurma avatar saved a mountain from sinking. So the stories continued. My Golu or Doll show that I do every year during Navaratri shows different stories and this year in particular was how an elephant King Gajendra was saved by Lord Narayana from a crocodile. The bill boards along the way guided us to this park, but deep spiritual person in me felt as if there was a message for me from above. As we discussed these stories I felt some kind of immense happiness, let me tell you I am not a reptile person at all. As the live alligator show was on , I was running away from that place and walked with my eyes closed when my son pushed me around the snakes.

For RDP Friday: Zoomorphic

The Daily Spur word prompt: official.

Galapagos Tortoise
Lord saving elephant from the clutches of crocodile
Lord in different animal forms, fish, tortoise, boar and lion and of course our favorite Ganesh, the Elephant God

Shubhakrita New Year

Happy New Year or Shubhakrita Puthandu Nal Vazhthukal for all my friends who are celebrating New Year tomorrow. Tamil people follow Lunar calendar and our New Year always falls on April 14th and very rarely on the 15th.

I grew up in a household that mixed up tradition from two states so when I got married I incorporated vishu into my new year celebrations even though my husband family did not do the same.

Preparing the alter with fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and lentils and flowers all symbolizing prosperity is placed the day before along with gold, silver and money. Kids eyes are closed and bought to the altar early in the morning and are asked to look at these prosperous items and the head of the household gives each person of the family money wishing them a prosperous new year.

My husband never knew of this tradition so I had played the head of household role and given my younger one money and he has always been excited about this part of thr celebrations . 😃With my Dad being with us this year, I hope my son’s pocket would be much more heavier! 😉

As I went shopping today I found all fruits to be on sale. American marketing system doesn’t know about Vishu otherwise the fruits would be marketed in a different way with a profit margin.😅

Last year my special one made the sweet for New Year and it had been a wonderful year. Hopefully it would be the same this year too.

Semiya payasam from Ani’s kitchen!😀

boil in water
add milk and boil
switch off stove with sugar added!


Found this beauty on our travel this weekend. They too seem to be putting their heads up inspite of the harsh weather.

I learnt from a zookeeper that snakes and alligators eat to their full and do not search for food for weeks and some do not even eat for a month.

We humans boast ourselves that we have a sixth sense and have done so much scientific advances but still complain about weather changes and hunt constantly for food. All the fast food joints and to go meals and microwavable food does give us a negative score.

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Parenting is really hard. I am not talking about raising a special child. I have a typical one too. There are times I really want to spoil my kid and that moment I try to be a strict Mom and raise my voice, maybe not yodel but control my voice in a way my message is passed.😀

Out in the community!

The transition into adulthood funding mainly allocates funds for disabled people to actively participate in the community. A lot of organizations offer voluntary hours for disabled to participate and public places like zoos and museums offer discounted entrance.

When my son was young, even without our knowing we started taking him out into the community. We never felt uncomfortable to the fact that he had behaviors or had sensory needs. Maybe these public outings were ersatz to a typical social gathering like a birthday party or a marriage.

This was much easier since we controlled the amount of exposure and fine tune it to my son’s needs.

We also did extensive traveling to New York for a particular vision therapy which we thought would help in his learning. I don’t have a tangible figure as to how much he gained but the residual effect was that we visited a lot of places in the city and enjoyed the drive between New York and Boston.

As I look into my memory box of pictures I am deeply indebted to my husband who patiently helped me during those times. The late night drive back to Boston was not easy with an autistic kid and a five year old who was just a witness of all the juggling act his Mom was making as she had deeply immersed herself with Dr. Google.

Newport Mansions, Rhode Island

As I finish up this post I need to make a point. Most of the activities we do with our son is a substitute of something original that a normal society does. But over the years that has become a normal for us. As I learnt the meaning of Ersatz, it said not genuine or something substituted. We had substituted so much of his food and clothes, but changing our way of living was one big adjustment we had to make.

For RDP Wednesday: Residue

For Your Daily Word Prompt: Ersatz (not real or genuine)

Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day and April is Autism Awareness Month. Over the years there has been a lot of awareness about autism but I just want to point out certain things.

No two autistic people are the same. If you have seen one autistic person, you have seen one person. The behaviors, the ability, the interaction all are different.

Lot of autistic people have other co morbid issues. Co morbid issues means sensory processing disorder, seizures, anxiety, OCD, autoimmune conditions. I limit myself to my son’s issues but there may be more.

Every individual learns in his own way and at his own pace. The excellent part is my son who will be turning 25 is still learning.

Autism is not a childhood issue, children grow into adults and become part of community. Community participation is now a big part of my son’s life. I thank all the institutions that help me in integrating my son.

Kudos to all the parents who work very hard to help their child and hugs to all the siblings who are their best friends.

Chocolate Factory!

My phone reminded me what we did last year this time. This week last year my son got his first COVID-19 vaccine. We stood in line and waited for an hour before he got his vaccine. Things have changed in a year now right?

Line to get Covid-19 vaccine

The psychological impact caused by the pandemic may not be known for many years. There were no rules or regulations on how to approach the pandemic and each family created their own rules and decided to tackle it. We had trained our special needs one to be out in the community and he was getting antsy as he stayed home. Myself, my husband and my younger son were like Ping-Pong balls hitting each other off. I decided at that point I needed to be the guide to my family as what to do and decided to go on a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate Factory not too far from us.

A week after my son’s vaccine we decided to be among crowd. This was our first long drive in a year and first to be inside a crowded building. We relished every moment of our stay there.

The chocolate factory tour is always fun, how many times you may visit, and who can deny the sweetness after a year of being inside the house.

We love Reese as a family. The peanut butter chocolate doesn’t miss my son’s eyes when we are at the check out counter.

Last year was our 25th year of marriage. So the trip began with Kisses and by the end of last year my google maps indicated that we had done 3000 miles on the road. Anyway Mask mandates needs to be lifted for us to fly anywhere. Until then 2022 is going to be more road trips only.

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