Conversation Starters 😊

The seasons change. My boy has a hard time changing clothes. He would be wearing his sweatpants even if it is hot for a few days and if the cold weather comes all of a sudden he would still be wearing shorts. He would drag his jacket around for a few days even if it is in the eighties or would shiver in the cold and refuse to wear the jacket when cold weather sets all of a sudden. He doesn’t like wearing formal pants or jeans and is comfortable in elastic pants or shorts. He doesn’t like buttoned up shirts but loves to wear all kind of Tee shirts. Along with autism he has sensory processing issue, so that is one of the reason his dressing habit is unique to him. He has no peer pressure but just thinks about himself as to what is comfortable at that particular point. Our Temple demands men over 12 wear clothes that cover their legs. We have talked our way about his problem so that he can wear anything to the temple. But for the past few years I have been buying him Tee shirts from the places we visit. One day he wore a Tee shirt that showed Ground Hog Day , that had been purchased from Punxutwaney, PA. I saw a person stop by and have a conversation with him about that. From that point I decided I should get him shirts from the places we visit. Though these are expensive I think they are great conversation starters and good for my boy to socialize. You don’t need to be formally dressed up all the time for conversation 😊.

I cleaned his wardrobe today and just musing about it.

9 responses to “Conversation Starters 😊”

  1. I like wearing only comfortable clothes, too!
    That’s a great idea about the t shirts from places you visit. 🙂

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    1. Yes we all love to wear stuff comfortable 😊.


  2. I like to wear all kinds of clothes but I also like to be comfortable. As a wheelchair user, I notice many clothes look different from a seated position. I agree it’s a great idea to buy t shirts from places you visit, and that it’s a conversation starter for him. I also have sensory processing disorder.

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    1. I have never thought about how dresses look different while you are sitting. Thanks for commenting.


  3. I think it is hard to change seasons. You don’t know what to wear. You no sooner put away your winter clothes when winter decides to come back in spring and make us wear winter clothes again. I’ve seen Ani wearing shorts when it is cold out. I think Ani just protests when cold comes in spring by wearing his warm weather clothes anyhow.

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  4. Comfort is king. I’d not thought about buying t shirts from the places you visit for the purpose of starting conversations. That’s a great idea! Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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    1. Thanks for stopping by.🙏

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