Bloganuary Day 17, A Happy Day😃!

Describe the happiest day of your life!

I asked my husband what was his happiest day in his life and he of course told it was our wedding day😊. Okay let me tell I was happy that day but I was nervous about his family and all the rituals that go along so I cannot describe the sentiments.

The birth of my second kid was a happy day , more than the day my first boy was born. This was because we didn’t plan on having a second kid and holding him in my hands felt like a miracle. But we were still worried about autism for him and that was buried deep under.

As a young girl I loved looking at the sky and stars so the day we visited Space center in Houston I would call that day to be the on the top on a list of happy days. I was awed to see rockets and astronauts in training and of course the control center. My special one was not in a great mood but that did not deter me from enjoying the tours. I understood if you want to enjoy something you will do it at any cost . I have a lot of pictures from that day to document my happiness 😊.

My special one had a very good doctor appointment yesterday. He was well behaved and my evening was a breeze. I don’t have any pictures but just praying I have more of these days😃.

2 responses to “Bloganuary Day 17, A Happy Day😃!”

  1. I remember visiting the space center in Orlando, Florida when I was 12, and I think that from that day ob, I was fascinated with space and astronauts!

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    1. Yes we made a trip to Orlando too. I love seeing science in action.

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