Happy Halloween 🎃

I think after two year break , Halloween celebrations seems to be at an all time high. In fact my special one did a Halloween dance, went Trick or treating organized by his baseball group, had a Trunk or Treat at his program and attended a party with Halloween games. Almost a full circle of Halloween events before Halloween day!His October social calendar has been full. We worked a lot on picking one candy at a time, waiting for his turn and even dressing up. He is not patient with candies so all these events gave us a teaching opportunity.

Found this on facebook and thought I would share here since I have experienced a few. Please be accepting of these special ones.❤️🙏

craft work
At the dance
At the field
Trunk or treating

4 responses to “Happy Halloween 🎃”

  1. Very well written! Happy Halloween !!

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  2. Happy Halloween 🎃
    .we see so many like this in our area.

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