Return Gift 🎁

Today I am grateful to my son’s facilitator at his program. 2019 she made some bowls with beads for my Navarathri return gift.

After two year break she is up back again making return gifts with her special group. So what is she making? I don’t want to let out the secret. My 9 day doll exhibit festival, Navarathri begins on September 25th lasts until October 4th.

Glad things are getting back to normal. My prep work has started and the ball has started rolling…

People have been trying to offer suggestions regarding these return gifts during this festive season which can be anything from being eco friendly to donating to charitable organizations. I am really happy that some of my return gifts are made by my son’s buddies at his program.

Looks like most of my September blogs would revolve around Navarathri but isn’t that my passion.

If you are new to my blog here is my Navarathri Golu from last year.

7 responses to “Return Gift 🎁”

  1. Can’t wait to see what’s new this year at your Golu.

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  2. Hi Uma, I love seeing your doll collection every year. I can’t wait to see this years’. Will you be entering your display in the contest this year?

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    1. Yes Kim will be competing this year too.


  3. […] and saving the world. My theme this year is simple. As I had mentioned in my previous blog lot of return gifts (check out the link) are made by my son’s special friends. So they all have been invited this […]


  4. The time for festivals during that time. My father’s elder sister lived in a Hospet. She used to keep her dolls. We visited during that time and it used to be wonderful. Her grandaughters have many of her dolls now. My cousin also gifted many to her close friends when she passed away.

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    1. That is so nice. Old dolls are really beautiful.

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