Fly a Kite 🪁

Day 29!

As I finished the activity for today, my Dad called me a ring master😂! Yes everyone participated in the activity today.

I grew up in a very conservative household and one activity a girl was not allowed to do was fly a kite! Ha Ha, even if they had got me one I wouldn’t have touched it since I was never a tomboy.

So today was the first day that I tried flying one. It was not a windy day and my younger one and my husband somehow managed to fly it. My special one did make a good eye contact at looking the kite above and I am so happy that it got his attention.

We have another expensive one and since this was just a trial we will be going to a bigger park on a windy day and maybe try it again. Yes, an activity we would be doing it in the future again.

Thank you all for the support and see you with my final activity. It is going to be a sweet one.

My special one signed on the kite
running around with it
and it is above
and finally got his attention.

2 responses to “Fly a Kite 🪁”

  1. Hi Uma, my husband and kids used to fly kites whenever we went to the beach. It is always so windy on the beach. My husband was a master kite flyer🙂. I was a Tomboy because I grew up with three brothers, I did everything they did, ha ha. It looks like your husband is a master kite flyer too🪁

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