Day 11 🤩 Fun

We do miracle league baseball twice a year, 6 weeks in fall and ssix weeks in spring. So it was baseball game today. The atmosphere is so much fun and enouraging. Check out the second inning home run when the entire crowd chanted my son’s name. Baseball and cricket are like brothers and genetically every Indian kid can play cricket. You can see my son running with the bat even after he hit without throwing in the first innings. That is just cricket.😀

See you all again tomorrow with another fun stuff. Thanks all for your continued support.

Chilling out
With his buddy
The handshakes
First innings
Second innings

8 responses to “Day 11 🤩 Fun”

  1. It is so sweet how Mahesh helps his brother and is Ani’s buddy❤️❤️

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  2. It’s wonderful that you have the stamina to keep going, participating in the activities everyday. You have my admiration, all of you.

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    1. Thank you! I have 19 more days to go .


  3. Love it ❤️❤️!

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  4. Do y’all follow cricket much? If you do, I’d suggest Aspi Blog if you don’t follow him already! I also know there are apps that can read posts out loud (probably something you already know!) if that’s preferred — here was his latest post but there are tons and tons 🙂
    (This is just where my brain went with your post – zero expectation to reply if not interested! )

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    1. No problem just followed the blog

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