Take me out to the ball ⚾️ game😃

It was free ice-cream , then free donuts and now day 5 of my blogging journaling it is two free baseball tickets.

We have never been to a ball game and so when I saw an email from Miracle League offering two free tickets to today’s game without much thought we booked them! Miracle League gives a chance for kids with different abilities to play the game and make buddies on the field. Such a nice gesture on the part of Miracle League to hand out the tickets.

I didn’t have much time to think and plan for the trip. But we were pleasantly surprised when my boy was enjoying every minute with utter silence. It is a place you can make noise but he was silent. Other than a cup of ice-cream and soda he didn’t wantt anything to eat , though we bought and were prepared to buy him anything.

Did he sit and watch the entire game? He was able sit for some time and was able to take a break and walk around. The last two innings he was comfortable standing since it was not crowded.

My husband said next time I needn’t accompany him and that he would make it a boys day out! Of course my younger one and the Dad loved the place and I think we could experiment with the boys day out and me Mommy can have my me time.

It was Miracle League Day at the stadium and the anthem was sung by a Miracle League athlete.

The game as such was boring for me personally with no scores , but by 5th innings we got a home run. Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Arizona Diamondbacks , score 3 to 0.

Thank you all for stopping by. Please do like and comment , it encourages me. I have twenty five more days to go and we are taking it one day at a time doing different activities.

RDP prompt for Sunday was by the way Game!

14 responses to “Take me out to the ball ⚾️ game😃”

  1. I know the area fairly well ….. less than 2 hrs from me. Great city!

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    1. Yes it is a great city.


  2. Lakshmidevi L Avatar
    Lakshmidevi L

    Ganga, I am glad that you are having fun trying out new things 😀

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  3. What a great opportunity! I have a special friend who is thrilled with any company, sometimes just going for a drive around a park.

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    1. Yes it was a great opportunity. Wow your friend has a wonderful friend❤️. They love company.

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  4. Though it was boring for you but it was an experience! Well shared beautiful photos.🌹

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  5. Hi Uma, Pirate games are so much fun. Did Ani like the pierogi races? Did you Sing Take me out to the ballgame? Was it Sunday, did you sing God Bless America? Baseball was Paul’s favorite sport along with the Steelers. I have been to many games over the years. The new stadium is so nice.

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    1. Kim Ani missed the song since he was on a bathroom break. The atmosphere was fun and Ani had a good time though I was nervous. Btw Mahesh is still a hardcore Patriot and Redsox fan😂.


      1. Did you see the Pierogi races, those are fun.

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      2. Yes Kim, we did!


  6. Seems like nice weather, nice activity, and great snacks. I wish to visit the US someday. Great pics and thanks for sharing your day with us!

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